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Feeling stagnant in your software engineering career? Unsure how to take the next step or where to steer your professional growth? You're not alone.

The journey through software engineering can be complex. Having navigated it myself, I'm here to guide you, helping you manage obstacles and confidently advance your career.

Together, we'll strategically select new challenges that will fast-track your progression towards your career goals.

Why wait? Let's transform your aspirations into reality, faster than you thought possible.

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About Me

Hi, I'm Adam 👋

A seasoned software engineer with more than a decade of experience building and mentoring high-performing teams at startups and enterprises alike.

Advance your software career

Everything you need to succeed

I offer tailored guidance to software engineers, helping them navigate the complexities of software engineering, problem solving and career development.

One on One Software Engineer Mentoring
Unlock your full potential as a software engineer through personalised mentorship sessions. Designed to help you navigate the complex landscape of software engineering. Using my expertise in full-stack development and cloud technologies, I'll guide you to acquire new skills, overcome technical challenges, and accelerate your professional growth.
Interview Preparation
Interviews can be intimidating, especially in the tech industry. Equip yourself with the knowledge and confidence to impress your future employers. This service aims to hone your understanding of the most sought-after skills in the industry, and prepare you for the technical and behavioural questions you're likely to encounter.
Mock Interviews
Practice makes perfect, especially when it comes to job interviews. With the Mock Interview service, experience the format, pressure, and type of questions typically asked in a software engineering interview. I'll provide constructive feedback, helping you improve your responses, refine your technical communication, and build the confidence necessary to excel in real interview scenarios.
Coding Challenge Guidance
Take on coding challenges with newfound assurance. This service focuses on enhancing your problem-solving skills and technical expertise in tackling coding challenges typically seen in interviews or competitive programming. I'll guide you through various strategies, optimisation techniques, and efficient coding practices to approach these challenges confidently and effectively.
Resume and Portfolio Review
Make a lasting impression with a standout resume and portfolio. This service aims to help you highlight your skills, projects, and experiences in the most compelling way. Receive constructive feedback on your resume, GitHub projects, or portfolio website, and learn how to showcase your proficiency in full-stack development and cloud technologies to potential employers.
Career Guidance and Planning
Strategically plan your career path with informed guidance. Whether you're starting your journey as a software engineer or planning your next career move, this service offers tailored advice to help you navigate your professional journey. From identifying skill gaps to setting achievable career goals, let's map out a clear path towards your success in the software engineering field.
Full-stack SaaS Development Mentoring
Deep dive into specific technologies with specialized mentoring sessions. If you're seeking to strengthen your skills in Javascript, Typescript, CSS, Ruby, PHP, Docker, AWS, or GCP, this service is for you. Learn the nuances, best practices, and advanced features of these technologies from an experienced professional, and apply them to real-world projects or challenges.


I have worked with hundreds of amazing software engineers over my career

“Adam, A highly knowledgeable and supportive mentor, has played a crucial role in my journey towards improving my full stack skills. I've been able push beyond my comfort zone and upskill in areas vital for my career growth.”


“A lot of fun to work with, very approachable and friendly. Keen to listen to others.”


“When I first started, I was overwhelmed and lost with respect to how I should best upskill myself. Adam provided great clarity and structure allowing me to focus on the most fundamental and transferable skills to improve my abilities as a software engineer. I've been able to land another job with a significant pay upgrade after just a few months of working with Adam and feel significantly more confident in my abilities.”


“You're a pleasure to work with. No task feels above or beneath you, you just roll up your sleeves and figure out the best way to help.”


“Adam is a great communicator. Their demeanour breeds a calm work environment where I feel safe to share their actual thoughts, feelings and deficiencies.”


“I felt like you were able to take my very broad (and sometimes vague questions) and translate that into clear explanations that helped me learn a lot in a short period of time.”


Two different ways I can help you

Enough To Be Dangerous

Where Software Engineers Thrive.

A growing archive of high quality engineering articles published to break down the barriers in tech.

  1. Software engineering, but from the inside out. Deep exploration of technical topics.
  2. Interviews with industry professionals
  3. Curated, free resources
  4. Exclusive blog posts
  5. Career advancement tips and guides
  6. Affordable pricing, perfect for those looking for incredible value and investment in your career.

688 Performance

1 Spot Left

Your personal guide to accelerating your software engineering career.

With limited spots available, unlock your full potential with one-on-one, flexible coaching sessions designed for software engineers who are committed to success.

  1. Full-Stack SaaS Development Mentoring
  2. Access to my professional network
  3. Interview Preparation tailored to your target roles
  4. Resume and Portfolio Review
  5. Career Guidance and Planning throughout the program
  6. Direct access to me throughout the program
  7. Salary negotiation support
  8. In depth code reviews
  9. Session recordings for your reference
  10. Session notes for your reference
  11. Shared Github repository to keep session notes, resources and recordings
  12. Project development and guidance
  13. Perfect for tackling complex challenges, mastering new skills, and transformative career growth
Want to take your skills and career to the next level?

Frequently asked questions

Money Back Guarantee & Refund Promise

I am committed to ensuring that investing in this mentorship program is the best decision you make for your career. I believe so strongly in the value you will receive that it's backed up with a complete refund policy.

The only condition is that you must have done the prescribed work which involves (a) coming to at least half your sessions, and (b) honestly engaging with the content and lessons. If you've done those things, and for whatever reason aren't 100% happy with your experience, send me an email and I'll happily refund your entire payment.

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